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Share Your Story:

We know thousands of people are impacted by cyber harassment, cyber rape, and cyber bullying and we want to hear from. If you are interested in sharing your story with us for either the documentary or the anthology please click the link below. Together our voices can help create a strong call to action for legislators and lawmakers, and lend support to other victims, survivors and their advocates.

Make a Donation:

This project is funded by generous supporters like you. This is a multi-media project which includes the documentary, the anthology, a collection of stories, the website, and social media awareness campaign. All of this is quite expensive to operate to serve others, so we would appreciate any support you can offer. You can choose to go along on the journey with us by pledging a monthly amount using Patreon or we’ve also given you an option for a one-time donation. Thank you.

Become an Angel Ambassador:

To create a global movement, we need to create a global team, so we’ve decided it’s time to begin a recruitment for Angel Ambassadors worldwide. Here’s how you can you spread your wings and help us help others.

Become a Sponsor:

If your company or organization is interested in sponsoring 50 Shades of Silence, please contact us.

Collaborate, Joint Ventures and Partnerships.

We are open to working with you. Contact us for ways to grow together.

SPREAD the Message:

Check out our collection of memes to spread on social media and show your support.

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To create a global movement and advocate for change and protection for victims of cyber harassment we have to get into action and stay connected.

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